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June 12, 2006

This story was written by Keith Hollett, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Keith is a learner in the Captain William Spry Upgrading Program. His tutor is Shirley Gaudet and the Coordinator of the program is Linda Oakley. Keith hopes to write the GED in the near future.

The Tool of a Life Time: A Riddle

by Keith Hollett

The tool I am going to describe in this essay is, without a doubt, one of my most favorite of all that I have or will ever use during my entire life span. I will use descriptions of what tasks I complete with it, what it looks like, how it feels to me, what it feels and some other relevant clues to it’s identity.

This tool is extremely useful, adaptable, and very personal to me. I love it and I would suffer a great loss if anything was to happen to it. It’s almost two feet long, with several extensions which have their own individual uses. But these extensions can also be used in sequence with each other to complete varied complex tasks.

The wonderful thing about my favorite tool is that if properly maintained, there is a pretty good chance that I will have the pleasure of having it for the rest of my life. There are thousands of little spikes protruding from it to help guard against every day wear and tear, plus protect against the harsh elements. I enjoy the luxury of the tool having self-maintenance heat and fluid systems, coupled with the soft exterior, which makes every job that much easier.

Other qualities that make this particular tool so awesome are the facts that it can also sense different temperatures, a variety of pressures and textures, changes in atmospheric pressure, and the difference between wet and dry. My favorite tool also has extensions that can learn from these different experiences to tell what might harm or benefit it.

So as you can see by the information provided, it’s easy to agree that this tool is certainly very special and useful to me. Without a doubt in my mind, it is definitely a tool I can not do without. It truly is "The Tool of a Lifetime". Can you guess what tool I am talking about?

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