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June 12, 2006

Photo of Vicky Isenor and Dessie
Vicky with her tutor Dessie at the Halifax North Public Library National Volunteer Week Celebration

This story was written by Vicky Isenor, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Vicky is a student with the Halifax North Public Library Upgrading Program.

I remember…

by Vicky Isenor

I grew up in a house in Dutch Settlement. I was born in a house. I was brought up around my father, mother and my grandfather’s farm. They had chickens, cows, two dogs and four cats. My grandmother used to churn milk into butter. She used to milk cows. My grandfather used to call me and all my brothers and sisters "a bunch of ravens and seagulls." He called us that because the five of us came over. Maybe we eat fast or eat a lot of food. He was teasing us.

My mother used to use a scrub board. A wringer washer was her machine. They were dangerous. My cousin caught his finger in the wringer and was hurt.

I remember when my cousins, Denise and Lonny were playing in the snow across the road in a snow bank by the church. They were digging a tunnel, but he got caught in it. She had to go and get a shovel and dig him out.

My aunt had two horses called Penny and Betty. One day in the 60's me and two of my cousins got on Penny, the pony. I got on the back. I was the last one on and when the pony started to move and started galloping, I fell off into the manure.

Another day, on a Sunday, me and my cousin Lynette were outside. I started to put my foot in the stirrup and get up to sit myself on the horse when I fell off into the manure again. I told my cousin about it who had just come back from church. He said, "I knew that is what she would say."

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