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June 12, 2006

Photo of Peter Weyo
Peter at one of his tutoring sessions at the Bloomfield Centre

This story was written by Peter B. Weyo, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Peter is working hard to manage his work, study and family duties. He is preparing to enter further education and develop his skills. His work in the Bloomfield Literacy Program is steady and his story says a lot about his motivation to succeed.

Peter's Dream

by Peter B. Weyo

My name is Peter B. Weyo. I’m from Sudan. I came to Canada on October 17, 2002. I came here with my brother and my cousin. They live with me in the same apartment.

Before we came to Canada, we were living in Ethiopia for 7 years. We were there as refugees. Before we went to Ethiopia we were living in Sudan in a small village where we grew the crops and vegetables, all different kind of veggies and crops.

But when we went to Ethiopia, we were having a hard time, because in Ethiopia, as a refugee, you cannot find a place to grow the crops; even to cut tress to build the house, it is not easy. You have to walk a long way to go and talk to the UN or immigration. Then they will give you a paper that shows them you have given information to immigration.

Life in a refugee camp is not easy, especially for those who don’t have their parents. Those who lost their parents include me and my brother, Steve. We lost our parents but we were trying so hard not to think about what happened back there because there is nothing we can do to bring them back. We gave everything to the hand of God. Only He knows what happened to my family.

When my parents were killed, I was the only one that took care of my brother. My brother depends on me. When we went to the refugee camp in Ethiopia there was a school but I didn’t get a chance to go to school because I was so busy taking care of my brother.

I thank God for the Government of Canada for bringing me and my brother. I always pray to God for the Government of Canada to help people back there in Sudan. Even though we still have problems here in Canada finding jobs because of language problems and skills and job experience, still we can make it step by step.

I have never been at school in all my life. The first time was when I arrived in Halifax. I went to English as a Second Language. I practiced my English there. But I didn’t finish the course. When I heard about the Bloomfield Centre Program I came to practice my English and do Math and go on to do upgrading to go to university. Actually my dream is to do upgrading and to go to university. This is my dream.

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