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July 31, 2006

The following story was written by Cathy Head, from New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Cathy has been a student with the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County, in the New Waterford class for three years. She likes to read a lot and do "seek a word" puzzles. She is in a dart league and loves to play darts. Cathy is learning a lot more now than when she first began literacy classes.

My Perfect Day

by Cathy Head

My perfect day would be to go to the Bargain Shop and do some shopping and look around the stores to see what they have to look at. Then I would go visiting my friends in New Waterford for a while. I would see how they are doing. I would drive around and look in the store windows. I want to look at the clothes. I would go and get my husband and go to a restaurant in Sydney and have some supper. My husband and I would go see a show or go to a tavern and see if there is some music to listen to. That is how I spent my perfect day.

[This story was taken permission, from Our Side of the Mountain 2006 p. 1, a collection of writings by adult learners.]

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