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August 21, 2006

The following story comes to us from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. The author, Brian Thurbide, is enrolled in a literacy program at the Northside Day Class in North Sydney, part of the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County (ALACBC). Brian has lived in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia for the past 17 years. He is the type of individual who likes to do just about everything. Some of his favourite pastimes are: playing guitar, writing songs and Karaoke. He has been involved in cabinet making and doing auto body and mechanical repairs on vehicles. Brian would like everyone to know that going back to school was one of the best decisions he has made. It took him a year to get the courage to make the phone call to enroll in classes with the ALACBC and he is happy he did.

You're Never Too Old

by Brian Thurbide

I would like to say that going back to school for me has been great. I look forward to going every day. I learned so much since I went back. My reading and my writing, math and spelling have improved so much. It is so much better than being home in the house with nothing to do. I would say to anyone who would like to go back to school, just go! You will like it. Give it some time and when you see that you're learning, you will want to be there. So do it today. Do not let time slip away, for all you have is today. When that job comes up, you may have earned your GED or your grade twelve. I was fifty-three when I went back. I have found that you're never too old to learn. All my life I wanted to go back to school and one day I was walking through North Sydney and I saw a sign in a window about upgrading. So I phoned and went to see them and then I started and I feel good now that I have.

[This story was taken permission, from Our Side of the Mountain 2006, p. 2, a collection of writings by adult learners.]

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