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June 27, 2011

This week, we have a story that was written by Thomas Reashore, from North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Thomas is enrolled in literacy classes with the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County.

Lobster Fishermen

by Thomas Reashore

I have been lobster fishing for ten years in Alder Point. I fish with two people. Will T Ryan is the name of the boat. Kevin Capstick is my captain. He has been a captain for about forty years. I am the first mate who runs the deck.

In the morning I get the bait ready. I use herring. The herring go in the bait bags. Then we set sail at 3:30 AM and get back at 2:30 PM. I get the bait bags ready Saturday to sit in the water until Monday. Monday usually is a good day. It’s is a double day. We fish on Saturday but not on Sunday. On Sunday the traps stay in the water. Monday morning I get the bait bags ready again. Then I untie the boat, head out the harbour, look for the buoys and gaff them. I put the rope in the hauler and wait for the traps to come up. I put the traps on the rail, take the lobsters out and rebait the traps. Then I gauge the lobsters in 275 traps. If the lobsters are not big enough, I put them back in the water. Finally, I put the rope securely on the stern, clean the boat and head to the wharf. We weigh the lobsters which is the last job. When the lobster tanks are full, it’s a good day!

[This story was taken with permission, from Our Side of the Mountain – 2011, a collection of stories, poems and ideas written down by adult learners of the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County.]

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