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November 27, 2006

This story was written by Marie T., from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Marie is enrolled in literacy classes at Dartmouth Literacy Network.

The Magical Little Place

by Marie T.

I love the look of moss on the side of a forest path in the summer time. It looks like a magical little place, with a village, where there is a lot of laughter, song and play that rises up high, for miles overhead. The green is so luscious and pure, so fresh, so beautiful and everlasting place. The smell of the very delicate, soft moss in the forest is like the wild smell of nature blowing through the branches above. The trees stand so old as if they’re sheltering this tiny little land. When I think of that little mossy village below, on the forest path, it reminds of innocence and a place of youth, where I can always visit once more.

[This story was taken with permission, from The Literacy Link, April 2006, published by Dartmouth Literacy Network.]

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