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December 11, 2006

Barb is a student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the Captain William Spry Public Library one to one tutoring program. The Coordinator of the program is Linda Oakley and Barb's tutor is Avril Lewis. Barb started in one to one tutoring eight months ago, because she wanted to help her granddaughter with homework, read stories to her grandson and write letters to her daughters. Barb says: "Now, I have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I always labelled myself as being stupid. Today I have great goals and I know that given time and the help of my tutors, I can achieve them."

My Blue Wool Suit

by Barb

My old blue wool suit was an "A" line cut jacket with a long silver zipper and silver zippers on the pockets.  The pants had small inch and a half adjustments for comfort.  It never had to be washed, just dry cleaned once a month.  My blue wool suit was great for work and looked smart for going out.  You just have to take the wool pants off and put on a pair of jeans and away you go with the jacket.  It had a soft lining, so all you had to do was wear any colour tank top.  A new look every time.

Just in the last week I had to retire my old favourite, blue suit.  The lining was falling apart and the pants were frayed on the legs.  It broke my heart - my old favourite of ten years.  "Old Blue" has worked and partied with me.  We have seen good times and hard times.  She will be sadly missed.

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