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March 7, 2005

Photo of Kathy Dobson

The following story was written by Kathy Dobson, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kathy was born in Halifax and has lived there her whole life. Because she had polio as a child and she was in the hospital for three years, she missed a lot of school as a child. She never really got going in a proper school program. Kathy somehow learned to read and write but she didn't go very far in school. She started coming to the Halifax Community Learning Network literacy program at the Halifax North Public Library in 1994. Since then she has learned to write stories, read whole books, do multiplication and division and many other things.

Do Yourself A Favour

by Kathy Dobson

There are many people in the world who have problems reading. Some people say they're too old to learn to read. Some people say they don't have the time. Some people worry that they're not smart enough to learn to read. Some people are embarrassed that they can't read well. I read the article on Sonya Moore. I like the story but she should have told her sons that she couldn't read. Instead she told her employment counsellor. If she had told her sons they would probably help her or give her a book and sit beside her to help her read. I think they would try to help her and not turn her away. People should not be embarrassed to let people know that they can't read. Sonya was embarrassed to let anyone know that she could not read but she blurted it out while she was talking to the counsellor. She could have saved time if she got help reading sooner. Then, she could have helped her sons with their homework. I am happy that Sonya got the help she needed from her counsellor.

She finally told her sons and instead of getting angry they hugged her and she felt so much better. She finally got the confidence to start working on learning to read.

So it is really important to take the first step. Tell a friend or counsellor that you are having trouble reading or writing. You will have more confidence in yourself if you make this start. So do yourself a favour. Take the first step in learning to read. If you learn to read the world opens to you.

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