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November 14, 2011

The story below comes to us from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The author, Danielle Williams, was recently enrolled at the Generations Ahead School. Her story was published in the book entitled "Sharing Aboriginal Stories". In the story below, Cree is in italics and is the translated language.


by Danielle Williams

Sharing Aboriginal Stories

My name is Danielle Williams and I am seventeen years old. I am from Saskatoon.
nisîkason Danielle Williams êkwa têpakohposap nitahtopinan. saskatominahtikohk osici niya

I want to learn about Cree culture so I am choosing to learn about beading.
ni nohte nikiskihitin nêhiyawiwin e- sihcikêwin êkosici oma ka nowasonaman mikistahikewin.

In my research I learned where they came from and how many types there are.
oma ka nitonaman kikway, ni kiskiskihitin taniti osici etohtemakahki êkwa tanitahto pitosaya ihtakohki

They come from shells, fruits such as berries, rock and different types of bone.
natohk osici itohtimakona taskoc minsa, asiniya, oskana, ekwa kotaka kikwaya.

I also researched online about the different designs made from beading and that they were beaded on to many types of clothing.
ni ki mitonin mina mahtaw apacihcikanihk ohi natohk mikistahikewina ekwa pokwita i-ki apacihcikatiki

I will be beading a picture on to leather as part of my culture task.
i-wi mikisahaman oma masinapahicikan pahkihkinohk oma ni nehiyawiwin i- sihcikêwin

I hope to learn more about beading and the styles of designs.
e wiyascikiyin ni pakosiyimon ka kiskihitaman mikistahikewin êkwa notahk miskistahikewina

I also learned about Cree teachings and values from the elder who came to visit us.
mistahi nêhiyawiwin pimatisowin osici kihtiyayak.

He shared the medicine wheel teachings.
maskihki waskapayis nipihtiyin mistahi.

I also learned a lot from the students in the class and their projects.
mistahi nikiskihtiyin i-wipamakik kotakak oskayak i-kiskinwahamacik êkwa i-atoskicik

[This story was taken with permission, from the book entitled "Sharing Aboriginal Stories".]

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