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February 28, 2000

This story was written by Christine Anderson, from the Halifax-Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia. Christine was born in Halifax, and lived just outside the city. She has lived in Halifax for 24 years. She is very independent, outgoing, and ambitious. In 1995, she took the initiative to go back to school and continue her education. The agency she's with is the Dartmouth Literacy Network. Christine is taking two different classes - computer training and upgrading. Her skills and abilities have improved and she has accomplished a lot and achieved recognition for all her hard work and dedication. Thanks to DLN and all her tutors for being so supportive.

Continuing My Education

by Christine Anderson

In the year 1995 I decided to go back to school, and complete my education until I finished my grade 12. I went to the Alderney Gate Library downtown in Dartmouth, and inquired about how they could help me get started, and the Planning and Learning Centre on Prince Albert Street where they gave me a list of names and numbers to help me get started.

So I got started right away and was confident and determined I would find an organization to help me. I went through the list of information I was given and came across a place called the Dartmouth Literacy Network which could help me continue to further my goals. So I called and set up an appointment and was interviewed right away.

The Executive Director, Sandra, and I met. I explained to her I would like to continue my education and learn some other course in the near future. I had no confidence and I had no self esteem at the time. Finally they found me a tutor and we got started right away. I met twice a week with all my tutors in different locations. The organization was very supportive and encouraging.

After I got progressing very well with upgrading classes, I also took another in training skills working with the computers. I am doing very well in both classes. My reports have all been good. Every year we receive a report of recognition to show how each of the students is improving in their levels of skills and ability to learn. It was a great challenge for me after being out of school for twenty five years, but I'm willing to keep trying until I reach my goals.

I've done poems, letters and stories of my own thoughts and words from my heart. They published some of my work. I'm very proud of myself for my achievements. I have more confidence now. All my tutors were very supportive in helping me reach my goals. My being faithful and dedicated paid off.

Thanks to the Dartmouth Literacy Network and my tutors for all their help and encouragement. Hopefully by the year 2000 or 2001 I will be completed with my education and other skills and will make all my hard work and dreams come true. I highly recommend their services to anyone. You couldn't find a better organization than them. Just call 464-3444 and some one will gladly help you.

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