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September 12, 2005

Photo of Brennan Chaboyer

My name is Brennan Chaboyer and I am twenty-seven years old. I am a Metis from the Village of Cumberland House, SK. I moved from Cumberland House to Prince Albert and then to Saskatoon. I have lived here for about nine years. Finally I went back to school. I’m in the Literay program now. I'm hoping to finish school and get a good job.

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Billy Jack and His Dog Cain

by Brennan W. Chaboyer

Billy was looking forward to the long weekend. He had planned a night of camping outside of town near the graveyard. He would wait for school to be out; then he would go home, pick up his dog Cain and his camping gear. Before he left he would tell his parents where he would be.

Brennan's drawing of Billy and Cain walking in the graveyard

He was excited. Billy had found this perfect spot where he could be alone. He had found it before when he was out hiking. When Billy arrived at the spot, he set up camp and he ate the lunch that he had packed. He had to use lamps instead of fire because he wasn't allowed to play with matches.

When he was finished it was getting dark. Billy lay on his back and looked up. He could see millions of stars up above. Suddenly Cain, his dog started to bark. Billy was frightened. He took his blanket and hid underneath it.

The branches in the bushes crackled and snapped. Something began to tug at the blanket. Billy began to shake. He knew that he had to be brave. Billy slowly peeked out.

There was a raccoon. It had approached him because he had leftover food in his packsack. Cain continued to bark at the raccoon as if to say that he wasn't even afraid.

Billy was almost going to pack up and head for home but he scolded himself. "Get a grip! There isn't anything to be afraid of."

As he lay there, the night air turned cold. Billy remembered that his grandfather had told him a story a few weeks ago before he had planned this trip. The story was about a little girl.

Many years ago the girl had been lost in the forest. She had walked away from her parents when they were camping out. It was like she had vanished off the face of the earth. People had searched for a long time but she was nowhere to be found. Nobody had any idea about where she could be. People wondered how this could have happened in their small town.

Billy's grandfather had told Billy that her spirit still haunts this part of the woods. "It's like she is looking for a friend. She is a friendly, warm spirited ghost."

Billy shut off his lamps. He began drifting off to sleep. Suddenly Billy jumped. Cain was barking in the distance. Billy was afraid.

He was half-asleep but he walked to where he thought he had heard Cain bark. Billy went quite a way and then suddenly the dog wasn't barking anymore.

Billy called out for him, "Cain, Cain." There was no response.

Then he saw a bright green light in the forest by a rock. Billy looked to see what it was but he couldn't see behind the rock. He went closer and closer. Billy slowly looked around the rock. There was a little girl in a red dress. She was petting Cain.

He called out to Cain. "Here boy. Here boy."

He saw the little girl turn her head and she looked very frightened. Billy called out to her, "Don't be afraid."

Brennan's drawing of Billy and Cain in the graveyard at night

The girl got off her knees and started speaking to him but he couldn't hear what she was saying. It was like she was whispering words. Suddenly she vanished. He was shocked. Billy couldn't believe what he had just seen and experienced.

Billy and Cain went back to camp. He sat for the longest time and thought to himself. His Grandfather's story was true. There was a spirit wandering the forest.

Billy went to sleep. When he woke up the next morning he packed up and left. He couldn't stop thinking about his experience. He thought about it all day and the next day.

Billy decided that someday he would return and knowing what to expect, he would not be frightened. There was a friendly spirit roaming these grounds. It was lonely and cold but all the spirit wanted was a friend. Billy decided that he would make this his secret place too, and he would return again.

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