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September 12, 2005

Photo of Marlene Machiskinic

Hello, I'm Marlene Machiskinic. I come from the Yellow Quill Reserve. My home town is Rose Valley. The things I like to do are eating, dancing, reading, cooking and sports. The things I dislike are people who don't have manners.


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Marlene's Story

- as told in an interview with Charles Ramsey (CR)

CR - Hi, I'm Charles Ramsey from NALD and I appreciate you're coming to see me today to tell me a little bit about yourself here at Kelsey in Saskatoon. So perhaps you can start off by introducing yourself and telling me a bit about your background here.

M - I am Marlene Machiskinic. I am from Yellow Quill. I have been in the city about 15 years. I have been at Kelsey since November 1st of last year, I have been coming to school. I enjoy this program very much - literacy.

CR - What are you studying now? What is it you want to do when you finish this? Do you have a plan in mind about what you want to do with all of this?

M - I was thinking of carpentry; if not, home care.

CR - Carpentry and home care... Why those two things ? Do you do a little bit of woodworking now, and you feel that carpentry is something that you would be fairly good at easily?

M - Yes, I pick up things pretty fast. I worked in home care for a while - Job Training for 6 weeks... different homes, here in Saskatoon.

CR - And do they offer both these programs here at Kelsey?

M - I did this training at Saskatchewan Ability Council, and I applied here. The way I came through here, I went through Grass Roots first.

CR - And what is Grass Roots?

M - It's a Literacy Adult Program.

CR - And is that here in Saskatoon?

M - Yes, it's right by the Food Bank.

CR - Yes, so you went to Grass Roots and then came to do further Academic Upgrading here at Kelsey.

M - Yes.

CR - And when you finish here, then you would like to go into carpentry or home care.

M - Yes, and if not, then I would like to finish Grade 12.

CR - Yes, and you can do that here at Kelsey as well?... So how long have you been here at Kelsey?

M - About 6 months now.

CR - And how long will it be until you get to the point where you can go to those other programs?

M - It's going to take me a while to get to those other programs.

CR - All right then - Is there anything else you'd like to say about the program, or the people in the program, or Kelsey itself?

M - It's difficult to say... You meet a lot of friends here. I helped a lot of students who have problems, in my class. I like helping them.

CR - I guess the fact that you like helping them indicates why you're interested in those programs - home care anyway, and the fact that you want to help others. Thanks very much for coming here. I really appreciate you're coming here to talk to us.

M - Thank you.

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