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September 12, 2005

Photo of Albertine Rabbitskin

My name is Albertine Rabbitskin. I am 30 years old and I am the mother of seven children—one boy and six girls. I have a set of twins who are one and one half years old. I mostly grew up in Saskatoon and but for a short time I lived in Ontario. I eventually made my way back to Saskatoon.

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Gregory's Summer

by Albertine Rabbitskin

Every summer when school was over Gregory's family would visit the country. Gregory liked to see his grandparents. He always went to stay with them all summer.

Albertine's drawing of Gregory in the country

His grandparents lived in a little house near the woods. There were all sorts of things to do and a lot of fun things to play with at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Gregory was never bored.

In the yard there was an old tractor to play on. There were different places to go fishing. He also liked to catch frogs. At night Gregory and his grandparents would sit around a campfire and roast marshmallows. Gregory got to stay up late to listen to his grandpa's stories.

Grandpa told stories about the old days. He told stories about what Great Grandpa had taught him. His grandpa learned how to fish, to hunt and to trap for their food. Gregory really enjoyed his grandpa's stories. He asked his grandpa to teach him how to fish and trap. Grandpa promised that he would.

Albertine's drawing of Gregory catching a fish

One day they went for a camping trip. Gregory really wanted to learn how to fish. Gregory caught a fish on the fourth try; he was really excited. He wished his grandma was right there to see it, but Gregory had to wait for a few days to show her. After a couple of days of fishing they returned home.

Gregory was so tired. He wasn't excited about the trip anymore; he went straight to bed.

In the morning his grandma asked him about the trip. He talked and talked about it and how he felt when he caught his first fish. Gregory gave his grandma a hug.

Later that day Grandma asked Gregory to help bake a cake. That was Gregory's favorite dessert; he couldn't wait for supper.

The next day when he got up, he asked his grandpa to teach him how to trap.

"Well" his grandpa said, "I'll teach you how to set the traps today. Let's pack and go."

"Cool" said Gregory, "Lets go!"

They were gone all day. Again Gregory was tired when they got home. He went straight to bed.

As soon as he got up the next morning, Gregory jumped up from bed. He woke up his grandpa and off they went to check on the traps. When they got to the first trap, there was nothing there. Gregory ran to the other one, again there was nothing there. He was disappointed. He slowly walked to the next one. He saw something; it was a rabbit. The rabbit was dead. Gregory was really sad; rabbits were his favorite animals. He didn't want to hurt them. Grandpa tried to explain that they only trap for food and they don't waste. Gregory understood but he was still sad. They slowly walked home, without saying another word.

That evening Gregory decided that he wanted to go home. He phoned his mom and dad. The next day they came to get him. They left in the afternoon and off to the city they went.

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