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September 12, 2005

photo of Claire Tsannie

My name is Claire Tsannie. I live in Saskatoon. I have two boys Jonathan and Danil. I enjoy cooking at home. I enjoy spending time with my son Danil. I am in the Literacy class at Kelsey Campus.

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Danil's Dream

by Claire Tsannie

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Danil. One night when he went to bed he fell asleep and he dreamed about four special occasions. First, spring came. His dream began when he was walking along the sidewalk. Danil met up with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny gave Danil a colored Easter egg. Then Easter Bunny said goodbye and left.

Claire's drawing of Danil dreaming

Danil started to walk again. Next came summer. He saw a parade go by. He loved to watch parades. As he watched a large mouse came toward him and it gave Danil a ticket for a trip to Walt Disney World. Danil said, "Wow! This is great! Thank you." Then the mouse waved goodbye and left.

In his dream Danil walked further; suddenly it was fall. As he walked along he met a Halloween witch. The witch asked if he wanted a bag of candies. Then she said "Halloween Apples. Trick or Treat."

"Trick or Treat" Danil said, "Thank you for the candy."

He said goodbye to the witch as she flew away on her broom into the sky and was gone.

Danil's dream continued. Now snow was falling; winter had come. As he walked, he met Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer. Rudolph said, "Come with me. I am going to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Do you want to come? I will give you a ride to meet him."

Danil was so excited. He said, "Yes, I would love to come!"

Danil hopped on Rudolph's back and up they flew. It was fun riding on Rudolph's back. They passed the North Star and suddenly they began to go down. Danil could see the North Pole.

When they landed, Danil got off the reindeer. They walked toward Santa's house. Mrs. Claus came to meet them at the door. Danil turned around and said goodbye and thank you to Rudolph. Rudolph said goodbye and off he flew.

Mrs. Claus invited Danil in from the cold. "Come right in and welcome to our house. Would you like some hot chocolate and some short bread cookies?"

"Oh yes!" Danil said, "I'd love some."

After Danil had finished his snack, the door opened and guess who came walking into the room? It was Santa Claus.

When Santa saw Danil a big smile came to his face. "Ho, Ho, Ho! You must be Danil. Have you been a good boy this year?"

Claire's drawing of Danil hugging his mom

Danil said, "I am a good boy. I help my mommy at home."

"Good," said Santa. "Then I will give you a present for being good. But, don't open your present until morning. O.K.?"

"O.K." Danil said, "Thank you for the present."

Danil gave Santa Clause a hug and said, "I have to leave now. I have to go home and tell my mom all about our visit."

Danil said goodbye and left. Mr. and Mrs. Claus waved as Danil disappeared from sight.

When Danil woke up he ran to his mom. "Mommy, I had such a good dream."

Danil told his mom all about the adventure. He never forgot his dream. Danil gave his mom a hug and a kiss and said, "I love you Mom."

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