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December 19, 2011

This week, we have a story from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  The author, Patti B., is enrolled in literacy classes at Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN), a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving literacy levels in the community. It offers training for adults in language, mathematics, computers and life skills.

Great Day in the Snow

by Patti B.

One Christmas my family went to my Grandmother’s house for the Holidays. On Christmas morning my sister and brother awakened. Then they came for me in the next bedroom. We all had breakfast first, and then we all opened our gifts. It was so exciting - we all had new skis! All of us were hoping for snow. We couldn’t be happier being at my Grandmother’s house.

The next Day when we woke up it was snowing outside. So we all put on our winter clothes. My siblings and I went skiing down the small hill behind my grandmother’s house. We put on our skis and down the hill we went. Everybody was doing well, but I had to get stuck in the snow bank. I wasn’t able to take my skis off. My sister had to go for help. My Dad came to the hill where we were and that was the end of my skiing experience.

(This story was taken with permission, from The Reader 2010, published by the Dartmouth Learning Network (DLN), p.9.)

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