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November 7, 2005

Photo of James Lako

This week, we are launching a story written by James Lako, from Edmonton, Alberta. As a special event you can read his story as well as hear it, with Windows Media Player.

James Lako is originally from Southern Sudan. He has been in Edmonton for almost 10 months. This is his first term of ESL Literacy. He studies at about the grade 5 level at NorQuestCollege. James would like to consider a goal of Electrical Engineering when he completes his upgrading. Today he will share a story about a special place he misses dearly.

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Gumbo Village

by James Lako

Gumbo Village is the place where I was born. It's located South of Juba town in the Southern Sudan. It's a beautiful village. It's surrounded by the values of its inhabitants. People there experience love, kindness and respect. People there live as if they're one family. People there simply depended on local cultivation for living. People there grow almost every kind of crops and fruits. Gumbo village has spectacular images such as the Kadoru Stream, which is a tribute to the White Nile River. There is also the Gumbo mountain, where if you reach its Summit, you enjoy the green pasture's view which is also very excellent. People there also enjoy the 7-8 months of rain in the winter. I wish everyone could see that enjoyable environment in Gumbo village.

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