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November 14, 2005

photo of John Bermingham

This story was written by John Bermingham, from Truro, Nova Scotia. John is enrolled in literacy classes at Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA).

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My Story

by John Bermingham

My name is John Bermingham and I live in Truro. I believe that my life has an important reliance on bagpipes. I love the different pipes of the world. I would love to promote the pipes and Irish Music for the rest of my life. This is very important to me. I believe that anyone can be a piper. But it is a hard instrument to learn. I believe that adults are a large group learning to play pipes. Most adults love the pipes just as I do. Adults are also up for the challenge of becoming a piper. Adults are mostly musicians of great talent. One way that learning pipes that ties in with school is that there are colleges of piping that are basically a university to teach people the pipes. The people are piping students.

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