Goal Setting Assignment

Expected Outcomes

Stage 3
Unit 4 Assignment 1 - 4
Unit 5 Assignment 1 - 4

Stage 4 Academic
Unit 2 Assignment 1, 4, 6

Stage 4 Employment
Unit 3 Assignment 1

Unit 4 Assignment 1, 2
Unit 7 Assignment 3
Unit 8 Assignment 1
Unit 9 Assignment 5

DescriptionPen and Paper Method

1. In this assignment, the students will set short term (achieved in less than a year), medium term (achieved in 1 - 5 years), and long term (achieved in more than 5 years) goals for themselves.

2. To begin this assignment, divide the class into groups of three or four individuals. Have the groups brainstorm criteria for goals. These criteria will serve as parameters for setting goals and will help the students set appropriate goals.

3. Once the brainstorming has been completed, bring all of the groups back together and have the reporter from each group share the group's ideas.

4. The teacher should write down the groups shared ideas.

5. Hold a large group discussion about the ideas that were presented and narrow down the criteria.

6. Have the small groups reconvene. This time have the groups brainstorm different categories in which life goals may be set. A couple of obvious examples would be career/work and education.

7. Once the brainstorming has been completed, regroup and write down all of the possible categories. As one group narrow down the choices.

8. Handout the blackline master entitled, Goal Setting - My Life Goals. The students will work on this part of the assignment individually.

9. Have the students complete the chart on the blackline master by filling in the categories in which they wish to set life goals. Have them set long term, medium-term, and short-term goals for each of the categories that they pick.

10. Once this task has been completed, the students shall write a one page report about obstacles that could get in the way of goal achievement and how those obstacles may be eliminated. Any changes that may have to occur in order for the goal to be realized, and any supports or resources that will help the students in achieving their goal, should be recorded.

11. The assignment is to be submitted with a title page, the goal setting blackline master, and the report.

Sub-skills Needed:

1. Brainstorming strategies
2. Co-operative learning strategies
3. Speaking strategies
4. Discussion strategies
5. Writing strategies

Materials Needed

1. Copies of the blackline master entitled, Goal Setting - My Life Goals - one for each Student.

2. Chart paper and markers for the small group brainstorming sessions


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Computer IntegrationComputer Integration

The students will use the table feature to create a chart for recording short term, medium term, and long term goals. They will also use the word processing program to type their one page report following the completion of the preceding tasks in the assignment. The assignment should be submitted with a title page, the chart of goals, and the one page report.

See Computer Curriculum Guide:

Start Microsoft Word Section One, Pg. 1
Enter Text in a Document Section One, Pg. 11
Apply Bold, Italic or Underline Section Two, Pg. 5
Check Spelling and Grammar Section One, Pg. 18
Change Font, Font Sizes, and Colours Section Two, Pg. 15
Draw Objects Using the Drawing Tools Section Three, Pg. 1
Tables Section Six, Pg. 1
Apply Shading Section Two, Pg. 26
Save a Document Section One, Pg. 13
Preview and Print a Document Section One, Pg. 14


Writing Rubrics and Checklists
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  • Written Report Checklist
Group Work Rubrics and Checklists
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  • Class Participation Assessment Rubric
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