Popular Education

Educating for a Change. Arnold, Rick, Bev Burke, Carl James, D'Arcy Martin, and Barb Thomas. Toronto: Between the Lines and Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action. 1991.

For anyone excited by the prospect of applying popular education methods to literacy work, this book may prove to be a useful introduction and practical manual. This is a book for all educators interested in the issue of using education as a tool for empowerment of people to work towards change, and is based on using democratic practice. In addition to analysing the broader social context in which work takes place, this resource aims to build skills and confidence in using popular education methods. Chapters cover designing educational events, educational activities and exercises, and group facilitation.

Training for Empowerment: A Kit of Materials for Popular Literacy Workers Based on an Exchange Among Educators from Mozambique, Nicaragua and Brazil. Marshall, Judith, Domingos Chigarire, Helena Francisco, António Gonçalves and Leonardo Nhantumbo. LPM TRH INT MAR

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