About Us: Adults with Learning Disabilities.Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. (33 mins) LPM E SPN ABO

Personal stories of four adults with learning disabilities.

Effective Instruction of Native Adults. BC Ministry Responsible for Human Rights Learning Resources Branch, and Ministry of Education. 1990. LPM TR D SPA EFF

A six-part series of short videos addressing some of the unique aspects of working with Aboriginal adult learners. Also provides many insights into working with adult learners in general, and the importance of developing empathy with the learners' culture and life-experiences. The series includes:

  • Part 1: Community-Based Education (12 mins)
  • Part 2: Student-Centred Learning (13 mins)
  • Part 3: Native Learning/Teaching Styles (14 mins)
  • Part 4: Building Culture into Programs (13 mins)
  • Part 5: Counselling and Support Services (14 mins)
  • Part 6: Life Skills (12 mins)

Ellen's Story. National Film Board of Canada. 1992 (47 mins) LPM TR D SPA ELL

"A film about generational illiteracy and how a family can be imprisoned in poverty because it is unable to cope in a society which demands higher literacy skills every year. [Ellen Szita's true-life story is used to] illuminate the toll that illiteracy can take on individuals and families, and the resources, both personal and social, required to turn one's life around."

A Key to Freedom: Literacy in the Prison System. Heartland Motion Pictures. Feb/93. (22 mins) LWAM VID LM AKE

From the perspective of prison inmates who are learners and/or members of the Inmate Tutor Group at Prince Albert Correctional Centre.

The Other Prison. Winter Films. 1990. (42 mins)

A drama about a prison inmate's struggle with illiteracy within the prison culture.

A Passage From Burnt Islands. Handel, Alan. Montreal: National Film Board of Canada. 1992. LPM VID TR APA

A true story of how a small fishing village in Newfoundland overcame its literacy crisis through dedication, leadership and community involvement. It's message is clear: education empowers us all.

Reading for Life. READ Canada. Toronto: Frontier College Press. LPM TR R LAN REA

Re: Family Literacy.

TD Green Machine: The Easy Way to Learn About a Great Way to Bank. Toronto Dominion Bank. (13 mins) LPM LM LS AB TDG

A comical video, illustrating step-by-step procedures for using a banking machine, through the eyes of an apprehensive first-time learner.

Willing to Learn. Asterisk Productions, Toronto. (27 mins) LPM VID LM WIL

A drama which grew out of the real-life experiences of several women from the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Written, acted and produced in collaboration with learners, tutors and friends of St. Vincent's New Horizons Adult Education Program.

WORDS. New Brunswick Committee on Literacy. 1992. (11 mins) LPM TRC GEN PED

Three adults talk about their experiences as non-readers - the fears, lies, how it impacted on their lives and their families - and the changes that learning to read had on their lives.

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