7. A Plan for Plain Language Use within the GNWT

Objectives Actions Timing Outcomes
Demonstrate Sponsorship and Support at the top.
Responsibility for plain language within the GNWT is clear. 1. Place responsibility to promote, monitor and evaluate plain language use within the Executive. Year 1 and ongoing  1. Centralized responsibility ensures government-wide use accountability.
2. Plain language is seen as a government priority.
3. Corporate Communications Protocol mandate is clear.
4. The Interdepartmental Literacy Committee advises Executive instead of Department of Education, Culture and Communications. 
Leaders model clear writing and recognize it in the writing of others 2. Make two-day plain language training mandatory for all MLAs and senior managers. Year 1 and ongoing 1. Communications from the office of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Directors use plain language writing and design.
2. Changes to documents reviewed by Ministers, their staff, and senior managers use plain language.
Long term training plan for plain language is in place. 3. Corporate Communications and Protocol and Corporate Human Resource Services collaborate on plain language training plan. Year 1 and ongoing 1. Plain language training is priority learning for all GNWT employees.
2. Cost-effective and professional plain language training plan is approved and funded.