6. Recommendations for the NWT Literacy Council

Build a strong case for plain language.
There are studies about literacy and education levels that show the need for plain
language in the NWT. Building a strong case means collecting the information and
educating the people who can make change happen.

Using plain language within the GNWT competes with many other priorities and interests. How can the NWT Literacy Council help move plain language closer to the top of the priority list?

  1. Demonstrate how plain language training and promotion costs for the GNWT would be balanced by savings in time, money, and by improved customer service.

  2. Educate and actively recruit plain language champions within the GNWT, particularly among Members of the Legislative Assembly, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers, and others with influence.

    Make sure enough champions are recruited so that momentum will not be harmed by an election, staff turnover, or change of circumstances.

    Get support for the important elements of a plan to implement plain language.

  3. Apply political pressure.