Objectives Actions Timing Outcomes
Review plain language strategies and learn from others.
Evaluate plain language use and report on it annually.

The appropriateness of plain language use is evaluated.
17. Identify indicators for plain language use, measure them.

18. Produce procedures for audience surveys and document testing that can be used government-wide.
Year 1-5

Year 4
1. The progress in plain language use is clear and reported regularly to employees and the public.

1. The audience is acknowledged as the ultimate judge of plain language.
2. Employees know how to make sure that plain language attempts are successful.
3. Knowledge and understanding is gained about different audience preferences and use of government information and materials.
The GNWT continues to learn from others how to improve the use of plain language principles. 19. Plain language use elsewhere is monitored and the information shared among
departments regularly.

20. Make a plan to use plain language on GNWT web pages.
Year 1-5

Year 4
1. The GNWT plain language plan is updated regularly based on new information about plain language success elsewhere.

1. Plain language use keeps pace with how the public gets government information.