1. Statement of Policy

The Government of the Northwest Territories recognizes that providing information to the public in a timely, accurate and consistent manner is fundamental to the operation of good government. Communications will be managed in an orderly and planned fashion in order to:

  1. ensure that the public is informed about government policies, activities, initiatives and programs and services;
  2. take into account the concerns and views of the public in establishing priorities, developing policies and implementing programs;
  3. ensure that the government is visible, accessible and answerable to the public that it serves; and
  4. present a consistent and positive corporate image of government.
  1. Principles

The Government of the Northwest Territories will adhere to the following principles when implementing this Policy:

  1. Adequate information should be provided to the public or its representatives so that the public is able to understand, benefit from and influence the development and implementation of government activities, initiatives, policies, programs and services.
  2. The status of languages as established by the Official Languages Act and related regulations or policies and in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be respected and upheld in all government communications.
  3. Government communications should be free of sexual or racial stereotyping and shall provide for the fair and representative depiction of people in relation to sex, race, ethnic origin and disability and should reflect the cultural diversity of the Northwest Territories.
  4. To the extent practical, government communications should take into account the special communications needs of key audiences.
  5. Government communications should use simple language and clear symbols in order to achieve clarity and ease of understanding.