FIGURE 5 World War II
Army General Classification Test - AGCT

Sample Vocabulary, Arithmetic, and Block-Counting
Items from AGCT-la.
31. AGE means most nearly (A) person (B) school (C) bread (D) time
32. A STAVE is made of (A) thread (B) wood (C) jelly (D) grass
33. To SQUABBLE is to (A) float (B) sing (C) dispute (D) speak
34. A THUD is a (A) nut (B) bolt (C) sound (D) light
35. VIOLENT means most nearly (A) modern (B) dead (C) fierce (D) better
36. Bill has 6 dollars, Jack has 8 dollars, and Henry has 4 dollars. How many dollars do they have altogether?
(A) $16 (B) $14 (C) $17 (D) $18
37. A man attended target practice 9 times. He scored 189 in all. What was his average score for each time?
(A) 18 (B) 21 (C) 24 (D) 27
38. Six men went on a trip by automobile. The total expense was $13.44, which was shared equally. How much was each man's share of the total expense?
(A) $2.24 (B) $2.56 (C) $2.92 (D) $3.24
39. Men start work at 8:30 in the morning and quit at 12:00 noon. How many hours do the men work in the morning?
(A) 2 1/2 (B) 3 (C) 3 1/2 (D) 4
40. A camp has 186 men in three equal groups. How many men are in each group?
(A) 62 (B) 93 (C) 33 (D) 59
figure 5

Source: Zeidner, J. & Drucker, A. (1983, March). Behavioral Science in the Army: A Corporate History of the Army Research Institute.
Alexandria, VA: U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. (p.27).

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