Table of Contents

Assessing Adult Literacy Skills
The Military Origins of Group Literacy Testing
01 The Army Alpha and Beta Tests of World War I - 1917
02 The Army General Classification Test of World War II - 1940
03 The Armed Forces Qualification Test - 1950
04 The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - 1980
Testing of Adult Literacy in the Civilian Sector
05 Buswell's Study of Adult Literacy Skills in Chicago - 1937
06 The National Assessment of Educational Progress - 1971
07 The Harris Survey - 1971
08 The Adult Functional Reading Study - 1973
09 The Adult Performance Level Study - 1975
10 The National Assessment of Educational Progress,
Literacy Profiles of America's Young Adults - 1986
11 The National Adult Literacy Survey - 1993
Special Topics
21 Listening and Reading in Adult Literacy
22 The Intergenerational Transfer of Literacy From Parents to Children
23 Literacy, Occupational Status and Job Performance
Testing of Adult Literacy Development in Education Programs
31 California's Federally Funded Adult Basic Education Programs
32 The Illinois Study of Literacy Programs
33 The Literacy Assistance Center in New York City
34 A Summary of Gains in Sixteen Programs
35 Longitudinal Studies

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