Large Appliances – When absolutely necessary, welfare may pay for the purchase or repair of a washer, fridge, or stove.

School Supplies – Your family can receive money to cover the cost of school supplies. Amounts are: for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6: $60; for Grade 7 and 8: $80; and Grades 9 - 12: $100.

Essential Household Items – A one-time only allowance of up to $500 can be made for the purchase of essential household items if:

  • You have experienced a recent marriage breakup and cannot keep household furniture (includes those leaving an abusive relationship), .
  • You've reached age 18 and have moved out on your own, and cannot afford household furnishings.
  • You are a Person With A Disability leaving an institutional setting.
  • You have lost your furniture through fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

Mattress and Bedding – A new mattress, box spring and frame may be approved every seven years for each member of your family. New bedding may be approved every three years. Does not apply if you are paying room and board.

Moving expenses – Welfare may pay for your move, but only the cheapest method of moving will be approved. You must provide a written cost of the move, along with all invoices or receipts. In order to receive assistance, the move must be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your present residence is no longer livable;
  • There has been a change in your family size;
  • Rent at the new location is less than what you pay now;
  • The new residence is closer to where you will be working or training.
Note: Municipal welfare may have different rules with respect to 'Special Needs'. Ask your worker about your specific case and needs before you spend money or make plans.

Q: What am I allowed to keep when I am on welfare?

A: Some of your financial resources are not included when calculating your financial resources. Ask your worker to go over the list of exempted income and assets to see if anything applies to you.

Q: I own a car. Will this affect my welfare assessment?

A: Your car will not affect your welfare assessment. However, welfare does not provide money for the maintenance and operation of your car (including Autopac payments).

Q: Can the amount I am receiving from welfare change? Can I lose my benefits?

A: Your level of assistance will change as your needs change. For example, if you have a new family member, your level of assistance will increase. If your needs decrease (if a dependent child leaves home; death of a family member; or if you or your spouse become employed, for instance), then your welfare payments may go down, or even be discontinued. Remember to report any changes in your situation to your worker.

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