Language for Literacy Response and Expression ELA
Adult Goal 1: Learners will prepare for reading by activating prior knowledge and drawing upon personal experience. READING

Objective A: Learners will set personal goals for reading.
  • Choose texts based on specific goals and interests.
    Note: goals and interests may change during instructional period, especially when there is an increase in reading proficiency.
  • Relate texts to their own lives and experiences.
  • Develop an understanding of the diverse social, historical, and cultural dimensions the texts represent.
  • Identify various types of reading materials that correspond to reading purposes such as reading to learn and reading to perform for home, work, community, personal affairs, and pleasure.
Objective B: Learners will use pre-reading strategies.
  • Use pictures, sub-headings, differences in print types, and reading questions.
  • Scan texts for familiar and unfamiliar words and concepts.
  • Generate guiding questions to prepare to understand meaning.
  • Anticipate and predict content such as guessing the message of a newspaper article by reading the headline.
  • Determine organization of text.
  • Choose pages to read by consulting index or table of contents.
  • Develop an appropriate reading rate.
    NOTE: Most ABE students need to increase reading rates, but some students read too quickly and must decrease reading rates.

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