Skills Bank

By Sema Aksoy

This is the second article of a series, in which we highlight CCLOW members registered in the Skills Bank, whose skills may be of current interest to you.


Claudette is a qualified human social functionings practitioner who completed a three year training program in this area. Throughout her post-secondary education she attended the universities of Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, and specialized in counseling and family therapy.

Claudette, who became involved with the CCLOW in B.C. and Yukon during 1979, is now the British Columbia representative on the CCLOW Board of Directors.

Claudette is working as an Employer Relations Counselor and as a Women's Employment Counselor at Canada Employment Centre in B.C. In her present capacity, she performs various functions and uses many of her skills. As a part of her job, Claudette developed a training program aimed at dealing with hostile and violent clients. She conducts workshops to train other counselors.

In addition, she promotes hiring of women in areas such as non-traditional trades and microtechnology. As a liaison between the employer and the female job-seeker she provides the marketing for both.

Her previous position as a vocational counsellor at the Okanagan college enabled her to develop her skills in writing proposals for funding, setting up a skills bank and a women's network, group facilitation; and counseling. While at the College, Claudette, produced a How-to booklet in life skills training for the socially disadvantaged

Claudette has extensive interest in her continuing involvements clearly proves this. She is the first vice-president and the first woman President -elect of the Chamber of Commerce. She also heads the Women's Advisory Committee to the local Member of Parliament; hence brings issues to the politicians' attention by advocating women's concerns.


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Thank you for registering with the Skills Bank. We now have 75 members. However, I know that more of you would like to join but keep forgetting to complete your forms and mail them. Please send in your form and become part of our national exchange.

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