Letters to the Editor

I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation for the publicity you gave to our university's $1 campaign for women.

The article which appeared in your newsletter was most effective and the contributions which have come in from readers have been most encouraging. Many donors sent a copy of the story along with their cheques and dollar bills and expressed the hope that we would continue to publish information about our campaign and various progress reports.

I think the fact that we are building a national network will be of great interest to you and your readers.

Once again, thank you very much for your interest.

Yours sincerely,

E. Margaret Fulton, Ph. D., President
Mount St. Vincent University

Editor's Note

Follow-up information which Dr. Fulton sent states:

In response to brochures, publicity in national newspapers and magazines, and in women's organizational newsletters, envelopes have been trickling into the development office. Most of them contain dollar bills and sometimes bigger. The University has appealed to each Canadian woman to send in $1 in support of women's education. The money is to improve existing scholarships and bursaries, provide new ones for students over age 25 and endow the two-year-old Institute for the Study of Women so that it can continue its research on firmer financial footing. So far about $35,000 has been raised. Contributions have come from prominent women in politics and the arts, but what has been striking is the support from the rank and file of Canadian Women. Even women strapped financially have offered their precious dollars.

Contributions can be sent to: Mount St. Vincent University, 166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS, B3M 2J6

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