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In Saskatchewan, the CCLOW network has focused its energy on the development of a bridging program for women. We received a $50,000 grant from CEIC Job Corps to complete this project. CCLOW sub-contracted the project to Regina Plains Community College, and Lenore Rogers, a past President of CCLOW, coordinated it. Sue Cook and Linda Smith did excellent research into services available in our community (and the gaps) and developed a most creative model to address women's learning needs. A large and diverse Advisory Committee assisted in the development of the model. The final report will be available on request from the Saskatchewan Director in December.

With the upcoming implementation of the Charter of Rights, the A.G. of Sask. has released a Discussion Paper, Compliance of Saskatchewan Laws with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our network has been invited to review this paper and present our views.

We were also witness to a "Consultation on Family Violence" which involved the government departments of Justice, Social Services and Status of women in a joint consultation with volunteer community groups involved in the issues surrounding family violence. Dr. Susan Painter from the National Clearing House on Family Violence presented a national perspective on this issue.

Our province's Matrimonial Property Act has been investigated by the Law Reform Commission. Because this investigation has turned up numerous statutes which are unfair to men, the Act is now to be changed to make it more "equitable." Women's groups in Sask. are concerned that what small gains have been made are now at risk. Two of the proposed changes concern "Property brought into a marriage by a spouse " and "Gifts and inheritances received by a spouse after marriage " The Sask. Advisory Council on the Status of women plans to hold public meetings to debate the issues.

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