The intent is to give young women a personal
look into the world of scientific research.

Reaching out to a dozen tiny rural communities in outlying areas and attending to cross-cultural differences also contributed to our unique situation and are concerns we continue to address as we plan next year's conference. We hope that those who attend then will reap the same reward as did this year's students:

"This is a remarkably good program to attend. Each year I learn more. It has made me want to take science and math all the time and not want to quit either."

"Fantastic idea! I didn't really enjoy math and science before today."

"I really enjoyed 'Science Goes to the Dogs' since I am an animal lover. Why not have a course to do with cats? Maybe explaining a pregnancy of a cat. I could even bring in my own cat (if needed). On the whole, I think the conference was one of the most interesting and worthwhile ones that I have ever been to."

The Ms Infinity conference is designed to cheer on and encourage young women to go after the future-and it works! Even north of 60.

Madeleine Sauvé has been the coordinator of the Ms Infinity conference in Whitehorse since its inception in 1990. She has been a teacher of gifted/talented students at the junior secondary level and is a member of CCLOW.


The sky is falling.
I bury the bodies with silver
shovels and beautiful language,
send paper airplanes
to mend the holes in the sky.

But the lost women,
wearing inflatable wings.
continue to crash,
their air escaping.

I try to catch them
before they hit the ground.
I want to gather them up like broken
the winter songs of a fragile tree,
their broken arias announcing

Linda Rogers

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