Dear Women's Education des femmes

Thank you for the copies of the special issue on “Women in Science” and the issue on "Girls in Science".

You may know that Hannah Gay of the History Department at SFU will be editing a memorial issue for Maggie Benston for Canadian Woman Studies. Val Oglov's and my interview of the experiences of women in postsecondary science will be included. John Walkely, who worked with Maggie, is conducting a survey of women in science graduates to determine what retraining programs are needed. In the meantime, a pilot project on immigrant women has started.

One warm, witty, and wise woman that I would like to read about through an interview in your magazine is Rosalie Abella. I have used her report on Employment Equity and heard her speak. I think she would be wonderful reading.

Hilda Ching
Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
P.O. Box 2184 Vancouver, B.C V6B 3V7

Dear Women's Education des femmes

Congratulations to you for an excellent double-document on the questions and answers involved in "Women in Science". It's a wonderful collection, and aesthetically most pleasing. Definitely a keeper.

Thanks also for all the poetry and photos. I think it brightens up what is often a "good for you" subject. And I love the sketch on page 45 of "Women in Science" , especially the stylized wrench in the spot where one normally sees the compulsory double circles of breasts. It's a symbol of the whole thing — refreshingly innovative.

Heather Menzies
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Women's Education des femmes

Thanks for copies of the Science issue — it's a fascinating issue. Amazing how similar our experiences in all these various fields, the very same words! What can it be ... ? I have just published a book of poetry, mostly about being a carpenter. It's called Covering Rough Ground.

Thanks for your excellent publication. It's been a pleasure working with you.

Kate Braid
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Women s Education des femmes

Thanks for sending us copies of  "Women in Science: Options and Intolerance" and "Girls in Science: Discovering their Choices". Both magazines were very well done and we have enjoyed reading them. Each article was different, interesting and informative.

Women in Science: Options and Intolerance" will serve as an excellent learning tool for African women taking courses at the Centre. It would help them to expand their options to read about other women and programs in science. ATEC has also planned to do a Workplace Orientation Workshop series for 1992, and the magazine would be useful to us there as well.

Margaret Anderson-Clarke
African Training and Employment Centre Toronto, Ontario



In the corner
of my eye I see
Middle age
In my mirror.
She has pockets
Under her eyes.
Her jawbone is
Disappearing. She
Looks away. She
Doesn't know me.

Gail Youngberg
Saskatoon, Sask

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