Dear Women's Education des femmes:

I am drawing to your attention a point of possible confusion to your readers. In the last issue of WEdf (vol.l0, no. 1) there is an article about BRIDGES, an Employment Training Project for women situated in Victoria, B.C. ("BRIDGES: An Employability Program for Abused Women"). The City of Toronto has also initiated a BRIDGES Program, that is BRIDGES to Equity which assists women employees to move into trades, technical and operations type jobs in their own workplace. The Program is known across Canada and the U.S. and an article about it was published in WEdf in the fall of 1991.

The City of Toronto has trademark rights to BRIDGES to Equity and we also use the trademark BRIDGES. I have conveyed this information to the BRIDGES Employment Training Project co-ordinators. It is regretful that the duplication of two very different programs with the same name has happened. It would be helpful if a note of clarification about the two programs was published in the next issue of WEdf.
Thank you.

Eleanor C. Ross
Employment Equity Training Consultant
City of Toronto

"You are to be congratulated. This is a difficult topic and you have presented it in a sensitive and moving way."

The following comments are taken from the returned evaluation forms for our issues on "Learning and Violence" and "Violence Prevention. "

The issue on violence prevention is particularly good, because of the emphasis on taking action to get beyond women as victims.

- Jan Clarke
Janetville, Ontario

WEdf continues to be an excellent publication. The volume 9 no.4 on violence and learning is particularly so. Credit is due to the Guest Editorial Collective as well as to those of you who continue to work at the national level. Congratulations to you all, you continue to do us proud.

- Judith Hindle
Regina, Saskatchewan

This is a very unique publication and fills an important gap in information on women's learning and experiences. Keep up the great work!

- S. Adamson
Toronto, Ontario

I "enjoyed" these issues so much - if you can use that word to describe the feelings/thoughts that the diverse articles provoked. This was an excellent way to highlight this topic and I have copied many of the articles for friends and colleagues.

- C. Gilmour-Lammerse
Fort Smith, N.W.T

The personal stories (in "Learning and Violence") helps one realize they are not alone in this maze, and there is indeed a way out!! Keep up the good work.

- Anonymous

The Slights article ("Unwelcome Attentions: Learning NOT to Live with Harassment") is extremely useful in the context of current university problems. This is an excellent issue! Thanks. I read it cover-to-cover. You are to be congratulated. It's a difficult topic and you have presented it in a sensitive and moving way.

- E. Cockburn
Guelph, Ontario

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