We have noted
that we are
more likely to
receive a
response from
women in the profession.

Raising our Profile
Working with professional groups has raised the profile of our Association within those groups. It follows naturally that the Association is now consulted regularly about policy, legislative, and curriculum changes that would have an impact on abused women and their children. It has been, for example, almost a year since we delivered a session to a group of lawyers but we continue to receive phone calls requesting information relevant to current situations. This is, at the very least, a positive effect of our attempts at education.


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1994 marks the fifth year that we have worked with professional groups to provide information about violence against women. In the course of this time we have changed our own thinking significantly. At the outset we approached things in a somewhat clinical way, thinking that abuse of women in intimate relationships as something that happens to other people. The personal anecdotes related to us after each session have made it clear that when we talk about abuse we are talking about something that affects all of us, including ourselves.

Our workshops now try to incorporate participants' individual experiences and views about violence with information about how to provide a helpful professional response to women. This work is always interesting, often frustrating, and sometimes exceptionally moving. Every time we think we have a good package to offer a particular group we learn something new, and the revisions begin.

Janice Gingell is currently a co-coordinator of PATHS. PATHS has one staff position which is currently job-shared by three women: Colleen Croft, Faye Davis, and Janice Gingell. Since 1989 they have produced a total of six children, which means that two of them generally work half-time. For more information about the workshops, contact any of the coordinators at #307, 135 - 21st Street E., Saskatoon, Sask., S7K 0B4, phone (306) 652-6175.

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