Shago the Crackhead

It's almost too much really
saying what I mean. Neutered tingly words
flopping onto this screen like

Fat Tubes.
Co/Modifications. Orders.Opulence and coming on the creep up. Hepatitic
lunacy. Cryptic vibrations like
a pager in
a hidden
pocket of
stranger you don't know
don't know power
making him sexy.
Glue music and tampon protection
they shape it like a dick and wrap it
just so
I can't be bizarre or weird
because I am always here wanting
to be there and wanting
to remain
Press the pound key message sent
I can't provide the ankle
Kiss my toes jerk
off with my sole. Our secret
Looking really into his eyes
you don't like him
but with the tinted green glass between
and the
perfecting your tones
It's finally safe to stare this junkie
in the eyes
and hear him repeat questions you've
already answered
and provide (ankles) us with different conclusions this time
Mostly all there is to do in here is read the bible and
so on with
cards. He looks final
in his blue uniform, finally
good. Firm and untouchable
I gaped when the phone cut off
and he
kept talking
I couldn't hear anything but I knew that he wanted
me to check if there was a girl with changed hair waiting to see him

even though
even though
I couldn't get back to him and
I am his first and only visitor
to see.

Chantelle Oliver
Tara, Ontario

Women's Education des femmes

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