Paper Airplane Lab Assignment


Activities Summary

In this activity, students will:

  • Create a name and design for three (3) paper airplanes
  • Present their paper airplane(s) to the class
  • Complete a Self-Evaluation
intermediate skill:school

Prior Knowledge

paper airplane
  • Essential Skills
  • Making paper airplanes
  • Use of stopwatches

Teaching Planning Notes

Assessment and Evaluation of Student Achievement

Task Tool / Type
Brainstorming Fly Like an Eagle Graphic Organizer (Formative)
Lab Fly Like an Eagle Observations and
Calculations Worksheet (Formative)
Fly Like an Eagle Analysis Worksheet (Formative)
Fly Like An Eagle Student Lab Performance Rubric (Summative)
Presentation Fly Like An Eagle Lab Performance
Rubric (Summative)
Voting Ballot Fly Like An Eagle: Voting Ballot (Formative)
Ranking Essential Skills Rank Your Essential Skills Worksheet (Formative)

Activities and Evaluation Materials

  • Paper Airplane Lab Assignment Sheet
  • Graphic Organizer for Airplane Design
  • Observations and Calculations Worksheet
  • Student Lab Performance Rubric
  • Rank Your Essential Skills Worksheet
  • Graphic Organizer Answer Key
  • Analysis Worksheet
  • Voting Ballot
  • Lab Performance Rubric

Essential Skills:

Reading Text
Conducting Lab Activity
Document Use
Graphic Organizer
Observations and
Calculations Worksheet
Observations and
Calculations Worksheet
Analysis Worksheet
Oral Communication
Conducting Lab Activity
Presenting to Class
Thinking Skills
Conducting Lab Activity
Ranking Essential Skills