These models are

  1. Grandir avec mon enfant (Joly and Fauchon, 2002), an adaptation of the Canadian Anglophone
    Literacy and Parenting Skills model to the minority Francophone setting,
  2. Lire et écrire a la maison (Drolet, Giasson and Saint-Laurent, 2001), from Quebec, for parents offirst
    graders, and
  3. Des livres dans mon baluchon (Bissonnette and La Rue, 2004), specifically designed for the minority
    Francophone setting from the perspective of multiple literacies. Grandir avec mon enfant

Background: The Grandir avec mon enfant model was developed in collaboration with many Anglophone
and Francophone experts from five different provinces. The model has been adopted as a pilot project by
various Francophone organizations in Canada.

Duration: The model is divided into ten modules of two and one-half hours each, for a total of 25 hours.

Target group: Parents of preschool and school-age children, with the direct participation of adults and the
indirect participation of children.

Definition of family literacy: An intervention designed to strengthen parenting skills and to help parents
support their children in their learning.


General objectives

To encourage participating parents