Table of Contents


1. Terminology

1.1 What does the word "literacy" mean?

1.2 Multiple literacies

1.3 Literacy, family literacy and multiple literacies

1.4 History of family literacy programs

1.5 Various definitions of family literacy

1.6 Characteristics of a family literacy intervention based on multiple literacies

1.7 Conclusion

2. Francophones in Ontario: Literacy and demographic facts

2.1 Demographic facts about Francophones in Ontario

2.2 Rate of transmission of the French language

2.3 Results of the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey

2.4 Conclusion

3. For My Child. Analysis, interpretation and findings

3.1 The research

3.2 Methodology

3.3 Analysis and interpretation of research results

3.4 Recommendations of the research

3.5 Conclusion