4. Comparative analysis of results of the Coalition francophone's research with results of other research on family literacy

4.1 Recruitment problems identified in the research

4.2 Linguistic elements identified in the research

4.3 Impacts of programs on families

4.4 Training for practitioners

4.5 Conclusion

5. Family literacy in a minority setting

5.1 Family literacy models oriented toward minorities

5.2 Concluslon

6. Best practices in family literacy: Research outcomes

6.1 Definition of the concept of best practice

6.2 Best practices drawn from the Coalition francophone's research

6.3 Information sources

6.4 Factors to consider

6.5 Conclusion

7. Implementation of multiple literacies

7.1 Description of multiple literacies

7.2 Guidelines for the implementation of family literacy programs based on multiple literacies

7.3 Conclusion