The participants who were from the area have also volunteered to assist with future workshops. The third Science and Technology Careers Workshop to be held in May of 1992 will be open once again to 40 students. The structure will be similar to that of the 1990 workshop, but new additions will include a keynote address and discussion, an extended session on environmental concerns and opportunities, and an alumni science careers panel.

1991 is the first year that participants in the 1989 Science Career Workshop may graduate from secondary school. Many will be contemplating college or university for their post-secondary education; several, undoubtedly, will be seriously considering science and technology. We can now begin to assess the long-term effects of the girls' experience. How have their career plans been affected? What attitudes do they have about science and technology? The answers to these questions will unfold as the girls embark on their careers. As the student cited below indicates, the prospects for some real impact seem to be very good:

"Women have made a lot of progress in lots of areas but there are still other areas where there are very few women; I hope I can be one of the women to forge ahead in unexplored areas."

As Trent's Coordinator of On-Campus Liaison, Andra McCartney planned and successfully coordinated the inaugural Science Careers Workshop in 1989, expanding it to include Science and Technology for 40 girls in 1990. In the same year, she received a Masters of Adult Education degree from St. Francis Xavier University, concentrating on respectful intervention in adult computer learning. She has recently returned from working in the Caribbean as a volunteer. This article was compiled on Andra's behalf by Martin Boyne, Admissions Counselor at Trent University.


between office and home women are squeezed onto the taut wire of a supermarket line-up coated with laudamum of the 80s: a gallery of self-help (p)leading to the checkout counter.

Psychologists, therapists, counsellors, (armed with statistics and case studies), all anxious to disclose the secret to female success use words like "juggle" and "acrobatics" as if women were circus performers walking tightropes without safety nets.

There are pointers on: how to cook quickly (but well) how to housekeep efficiently (but perfectly) how to speak eloquently (but softly) how to walk firmly (but lightly).

Women, they say, make excellent workers, efficient as men; women, they say, make excellent mothers, better than men; women, they say, can have it all: just work out learn proper posture pick up the balance beam and start walking.

Genni Gunn
White Rock, B.C.

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