A Girls in Science Bibliography


Editor's Note: A short annotated bibliography of texts relevant to the education of girls in science fills this issue's Reviews section. Publisher's name and address are given where available, as well as approximate prices.

Alic, Margaret. Hypatia's Heritage: A History of Women In Science from Antiquity to the Late Nineteenth Century. London: The Women's Press, (1986) $13.25.

One of the best historical overviews of women mathematicians. Of particular interest is chapter 11: The Nineteenth-Century Mathematicians: The Mathematical Contributions of Sophie Germain; Ada Lovelace and the Beginnings of Computer Science; The Mathematical Mind: The story of Sophia Kovalevsky.

Ashton-Warner, Sylvia. Teacher. New York:
Simon & Schuster, Inc. (1986) $12.50.

"A vivid journal of incidents, personalities, sudden moments of insight, and a philosophy. of education which emerges through reflection upon experiences. It should have great value not only for those interested in the problems of education in old cultures and new nations, but also for those concerned with the future of civilization..."

Bleier, Ruth. Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on Women. The Athene Series, New York: Pergamon Press, (1984) .$19.95.

The Athene Series is an international collection of feminist books that focuses on the construction of knowledge and the exclusion of women from the process. "This book is concerned with the role of science in the creation of an elaborate mythology of Women's biological inferiority as an explanation for their subordinate position in the cultures of Western civilizations."

Burns, Marilyn. The I Hate Mathematics! Book.
Toronto: Little, Brown and Company (1975).

"This book is for nonbelievers of all ages. ... This book says that mathematics is nothing more (nor less) than a way of looking at the world and is not to be confused with arithmetic."

Cajori, Florian. A History of Mathematical Notations: Volume 1: Notations in Elementary Mathematics. La Salle, Illinois: The Open Court Publishing Company, (1928, reprinted 1974) $7.15.

This classic on mathematical notation provides interesting historical nuggets for the classroom teacher. Topics are Numeral Symbols and Combinations of Symbols; Symbols in Arithmetic and Algebra: groups of symbols used by individual writers, topical survey of the use of notations; Symbols in Geometry: ordinary elementary geometry, past struggles between symbolists and rhetoricians in elementary geometry.

Cheek, Helen Neely et al., ed. Handbook for Conducting Equity Activities in Mathematics Education. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1906 Association Drive, Reston, Virginia 22091, U.S.A. (1984).

Ching, Hilda. Girls and Science: Making the Connection. B.C. Teachers Status of Women Journal, February 1987.

Connelly, F. Michael, Robert K. Crockner, and Heidi Kass. Science Education in Canada Volume 2: Achievement and its Correlates. Toronto: OISE Press, 1989.

This study is a result of the recommendations in Who Turns the Wheel from the Science Council of Canada (see below).

Culley, Margo & Catherine Portuges, ed. Gendered Subjects: the dynamics of feminist teaching. Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1985) $17.95.

". . . a rich sample of theoretical and practical reflections on classroom experience by teachers of Women's Studies. . . raising provocative questions which apply broadly to many areas of progressive teaching."

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