This Public Awareness Action Guide has been prepared by the Ontario Literacy Coalition (OLC) to support local agencies in raising literacy awareness among the public and specific key target audiences.

What is This Guide About?

This guide provides the support you need to successfully plan and conduct activities that will engage adult learners, community partners, and your local media.

Part 1:   Getting Started

Although you may have a clear vision of what needs to be done to raise awareness of literacy issues in your community or sector, taking the time to analyze your environment and to plan your activities accordingly will pay off in better results for your hard work. This section will help you prepare a public awareness plan that will make the most of your available resources.

Part 2:   Taking Action

With your plan in place, you then can move to execute specific activities to raise public awareness of key literacy issues. The remaining sections of this guide provide detailed information on how to execute many types of awareness-raising activities including Mobilizing PeopleLaunching Activities, Engaging the Media, and Evaluating Results. The Tool Box is a handy reference to all the various tools throughout the guide.

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