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A Butterfly from Sarah Lori M. Dunne
A Healthy Lifestyle Heather Croke
A Joy to Behold Beverly McIntosh
A Tear E. Robicheau
A Walk in the Park Joy Janes
Amy’s Challenge Julie Chown
An Afternoon at Mader’s Cove Nathan Smith
An American Hero Robyne Slauenwhite
Andrew’s Summer Vacation Pam Ring
Animus? Sammera Asaff
Billy’s Story Billy MacDonald
Butterfly Wings Lyndia Lombard
Did you see my dog? Vera Miehm
Family Friendships Donald Hall
Free to Be Me Sharon Riches
Gentle Eyes Gregory F.P Cromwell
Gone Fishing Jeffrey S. Wentzell
Hopes and Dreams for My Children Tracy Kuhn
Inside the Gate Cheryl Canning
Je Me Souviens Adéline Marie Leblanc
Jill’s Quest Claudette McCallum
John MacIntosh At Work Pam Cooper
L’endroit idéal Lynette d’Entremont
Lost Tracy Smith
Ma Vacance Chez Tante Maguitte Anne LeBlanc
Modern Day Lady Who Lives In A Shoe Bonnie States
My Daughter’s Hockey Team Holly Daye
Not the Only Child Aileen States
Opening Day Michael Stephen
Opposite Beliefs Tera MacKenzie
Our Love Cathy Fleming
Our Special Little Friend Sarah Burke
Pitter Patter Siobhan Migel
Ricky’s Nightmare Joey Gosbee
Road Side Assistance Susan Hamblin
Selina’s Job Barbara Chiasson
Spirit of a Dove Judy Ann West
Spring Fair Ann Kelly
Sweet Taste of Spring Ksenia Pychko
The Apartment Building Brenda St. Jean
The Apartment Zoo Wanda Davis
The Bear Truth Sandra Plehn
The Birth Peggy Anderson
The Curious Kids’ Castle Adventure Brenda Joudrey
The Elevator Encounter Joyce Baker
The Family Delores Porter
The First Time Sarah and I Met Ronnie Holesworth
The Hunt Kathy MacIsaac
The Island of Utopia Mark A. Lewis
Treasured Memories Margaret Crouse
Truro to St. Peters Curtis Pelly
Trying Our Wings Dorothy Parsons
Un Certain Été Anne Marie d’Entremont
Une Larme E. Robicheau
Untitled Angus MacDonald
Untitled Jill Sutton
Untitled Patrick Duffy
Vacation Camping Trip Rita D. Campbell
What Do You Know Now That You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger? Ellie States
When Old Friends Meet Carol Cirtwill
Who are We? Andrea Hancock

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