Women's EDUCATION des femmes

CCLOW's Commemorative Issue

Spring 1999
Volume 13, Number 1


CCLOW Moving Forward with a Mission for Woman-Centred Education

Checking the RearView Mirror and Going Forward: CCLOW faces a New Millenium
    by Cheryl Senecal, Catherine Cookson, and Catherine O'Bryan
Creating an Open Space so That CCLOW Could Focus Upon the Future
     by Betty Donaldson, Birgitt Bolton, and Larry Peterson
Women Moving Women: A Process Model
    by Marie A. Gillen
An Editor Reflects ...
    by Christina Starr

Claiming/Reclaiming Our Own learning and Our Own lives

Men's Studies, Women's Studies and Feminism
     by Christine Overall
Interview: Greta Hofmann Nemiroff
    by Susan McCrae Vander Voet
I Had a Little Trouble on the Way to a Ph.D.
     by Sandra Monteath
Living and Learning: The Choice to Be Playful
    by Lanie Melamed
Grounding Our Beliefs on Women and the Economy
    by Diana Ellis
Personal Reflections on the Practice of Adult Education
     by Cheryl Senecal
Briser le silence en milieu pedagogique
     par Jeannine M. Quellette
Variation sur un theme : c'est las parole qui est d'or et le silence qui est d'argent
    par Carole La Violette
Breaking All the Rules: Breaking Silence
     by Colleen N. Race
Feelings After a Tragedy: Personal or Collective Impressions
Le senti après une tragedie: impressions personnelles ou collectives?
    par Anne Marie Pharand

Defining Our Own Needs/Building Our Own Knowledge

Oublier sa culture s'integrer, ou faire un place aux cultures en education?
    par Monique Ouellette
The University, Women's Studies, and Rural Women: Some Thoughts on Feminist pedagogy and Rural Outreach
    by Beth Westfall
What Kind of Career Counselling do Women Need?
    by Sue Berlove
Family Violence Prevention and Curriculum Development
    by Suzanne Mulligan and Donna Mitchell
The Social Construction of Deaf Women
    by Tanis Doe
Gaining Visibility: Older Women and Education
    by Sharon Harold
Coming to Terms with "Visible Minority"
    by Glenda Simms
Lady Bountiful: The White Woman Teacher in Multicultural Education
by Sheila Cavanagh and Helen Harper

Joy and Power Beyond the Home Sphere
"I Would Emphasize the Joy of Science": Interview with Ursula Franklin
     by Jan Clarke
Literacy as Threat/Desire
    by Kathleen Rockhill
Non Traditional Fields for Women: Against the Odds
    by Sharon Goldberg
Art/Craft High/Low
    by Ann MacGillivray
Celebrating Canadian Women: Prose and Poetry By and About Women
    by Maureen Shaw


Go Forward Not Backward, an excerpt, by Elizabeth Cox
Domestic Angel, by Sylvie Bourassa
Woman's Song, by Gert Beadle
Three Feet By Six, by Tanis MacDonald
Act of Contrition, by Mary Gurekas
Welfare Bum, by Sheila Baxter
Untitled, by Caitlin
Technology,by Jessica Millar and Rachal Beattie

Front Cover
    Lily S. May (formerly known as Susan Barsel), Untitled, Linocut, 6" x 8", 1985.

Back Cover
    From left to right, Catherine O'Bryan, Past President; Cheryl Senecal, President; Catherine Cookson, President-Elect 1998/99. Photo: Gaye Jackson.

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